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WordPress course is a course in which without the help of coding you can develop a graceful and fresh website. This course provides you with all the essential knowledge and skill which is required for making website. if you effectively complete wordpress course then there is no need to learn different languages like PHP, java script etc. these languages take lot of time and there is a chances that these languages will not pay you in an remarkable manner like wordpress course pay you.

wordpress course


Now a day wordpress is a most popular content management system. This course is trusted by millions of website owner .the demand of this course is increasing day by day .there is a need that you must take benefit from this course as this course is beneficial for you in long run. It is the most demanded online course and after the successful completion of this course you can without any kind of difficulty start your online business at home. There are many platforms like up work, where after the completion of this course you are able to show your talent in the business all around the globe. If you are looking for web press course than our institute is best because we offer you the complete course and we designed this course according to your need. Our institute believe on quality because quality is everything without quality you are unable to satisfy anyone. So we concentrate on quality. Our institute also provide wordpress course online to the people out of city.

About wordpress course for beginners

The wordpress course is designed in such a way all every requirement that is related to wordpress website is included in it. This course is supervised by freelancer. To meet the requirement of foreign employers assignment and different projects of high standard are designed. After the completion o wordpress course certificates are also given .This course is best for those who want to earn money at freelancer .anyone can attend this course we offer this course to students from class 9 to master. It’s up to you in how much time you are able to complete this course and start earning.

WordPress Course Outline

  • Introduction to Complete WordPress Course for Beginners
  • Introduction to Blogging
  • Intro to WordPress and Content Management
  • and

Getting Started

  • Local Environment Setup
  • Installing WordPress
  • Admin Tour

Pages and Posts

  • Creating Pages
  • Creating Posts
  • Forms in WordPress
  • SEO and Metatags
  • Plugins in WordPress
  • Portfolio Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • WordPress Themes
  • Downloading and Installing Themes
  • Theme programming Standards
  • Building a Theme

WordPress course Fee Rs: 10,000/-

WordPress Course in Rawalpindi for more information Call Now: 0332-5649993

Benefits of WordPress course

There are many benefits of wordpress course we mentioned few of them here. During the training you are able to develop 200+ website of different types. You are able to learn and join top rated freelancers on internet. Ful fill every requirements of client. You can easily create your own blog and earn through Google Ad Sense. You can easily Offer your services to anybody near you or around the world. After one months of training, you’ll be able to work on just about any kind of website using WordPress. wordpress training youtube

Now a day with an improvement in technology everyone wants to develop a website. But no one know how to get start it. So it is very important that you should learn this course. This course will help you a lot in the field of web development. WordPress course will help you to learn basics to a practical level. Develop your skills and get you to use them straight away. This minimum duration of this course is 1 month. We designed this course for the perspective of beginners. In wordpress course you are able to learn step by step WordPress course not only covers the conceptual framework of a wordpress based system but also covers the practical aspects of building a modern website or a blog. If you want to build professional website for yourself or for your business then you must attend the classes of word press course. This course is start with building blocks and installation of wordpress. Then it pursue with the theory of content management. Then you are able to learn the major building blocks of the WordPress Admin Panel. Then you will learn about posts, pages and forums. If you want to add videos to you blogs then plug-in management is the next level where you are able to learn how to add cool galleries. If you want to make your website professionals then the last unit is themes it give design to your websites. At the end of course you will be able to learn to create your own themes. You will be wordpress expert after this course. Anyone who wants to create a professional Website or Blog must attend this course. Now a day the most popular web hosting platform is web press. Every business whether big and small trust wordpress. The main characteristic of this course is that it’s extremely comprehensive. For WordPress who want to jump right into the platform and learn everything required to build a successful website, this is a great place to start. wordpress developer training Islamabad

Many people think that world press is only for blogging purpose but it is more than blogging like it manage the features that manage the content from animations; sound, videos texts and combination of all these. You can change the theme of your website with the help of wordpress. You are able to change the theme according to your taste and branding. You can achieve both the overall look and functionality of your site with the help of wordpress. Many businesses choose wordpress over other because it is designed with the mind of seo. WordPress is prepared with publishing tools that are simple to use and very perceptive. It is very easy to use Both the beginners and the experienced in the ground of blogging will use it without taking any one help .it is trustworthy as compared to other.  wordpress training videos

With the help of web press it is very easy to create a basic blog and website in short period of time. We recommend you that this course is beneficial in all aspects. There are no restriction anyone can take the training but following are the people which wordpress course helps a lot. The training can be attend by it students, management students, web developers, it professionals and last but not the least affiliate marketers . free wordpress tutorials , complete wordpress course Rawalpindi and Islamabad 1 Month for Learn Online School

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