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web designing tutorial in urdu
web designing tutorial in urdu

Web Designing Tutorial in Urdu | 2019

Learn Online School Start a Course at web Designing . get Start a part wise step by step training in urdu video tutorial to start a part 1 get introduction of Web Designing, basic concept of html and css with basic templates in Static Website Designing, over view of Head, body, title and Div based work get today Start a Course with Web Designing Course get Video Based course on YouTube Complete Course to subscribe by YouTube Channel (Learn Online School) get the Complete Course with Web Designing tutorial in Urdu & Hindi with complete course by Muhammad Imran Professional Web Designer by Web Designing Tutorial in Urdu 2019

Web Designing Tutorial Outline

  • Introduction of Web Designing
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Jquery
  • Basic Concept
  • Web Designing Tutorial Video
  • What is Markup Language
    o Basic Structure of HTML
    o Difference Between HTML and
    o Head Section and Elements of Head
    o Meta Tags
    o Css Tags
    o Script Tag
    o Table Tag
    o Div Tag
    o Header Tags
    o Paragraph, Span, Pre Tags
    o Anchor Links and Named Anchors
    o Image Tag
    o Object Tag
    o Iframe Tag
    o Forms
    o Form Tag
    o Attributes of Form
    o POST and GET Method
    o Fieldset and Legend
    o Text input, Text area
    o Checkbox and Radio Button
    o Dropdown, List and Optgroup
    o File Upload and Hidden Fields
    o Submit, Image, Normal, Reset Button
    o Creating a Live Website Form
    o HTML Validators

CSS 2.1
o Introduction to Cascading Style
o Types of CSS
o CSS Selectors
o Universal Selector
o ID Selector
o Tag Selector
o Class Selector
o Sub Selector
o Child Combinatory Selector
o Adjacent Sibling Selector
o Attribute Selector
o Group selector
o First-line and First-letter selector
o Before and After Selector
o CSS Properties
o Type Properties
o Background Properties
o Block Properties
o Box Properties
o List Properties
o Border Properties
o Positioning Propeties
o Realtime Implementation
o Converstion of Table to CSS Layout
o CSS Menu Design (Horizontal, Vertical)
o Form Designing

Just Fee Urdu Video Tutorial by Web Designing Tutorial Urdu Video by get a professional Training Program in Learn Online School.

Web Designing Tutorial for beginners & experienced web designers. Learn a Web Design with Development, HTML, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS, Responsive Web Design, UI testing etc.

Web Designing Video For Youtube

Web Designing is the process of building a websites. Web Designing includes different aspects like coding, website wireframe, website layout design, color combinations, fonts, graphic design, webpage interactions etc.

All websites on WWW are designed by Web Designer. A Web Designer build Visual, frontend/Client Side. Front End includes writing mark up, stylesheet, images, animated content, and the Website layout Design.

Web Designing Tutorial in Urdu  starts from HTML and CSS, used to build website layout, and then JavaScript is used to add interaction and functionality.

web designing tutorial
web designing tutorial

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