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Safety Officer Course

Safety Officer Course in Islamabad ( Health & Safety Diploma)

The Safety Officer Course in Islamabad aims to provide guidance to people and those who belong to this field are also given certain types of duties as well as duties and responsibilities.

Health & Safety HSE ( Courses)

Inside this Safety Officer Course in Islamabad it is said that which steps you have to do with the health and safety of workers, and what are your responsibilities as per the law The Safety Officer’s responsibility is to be a special health and safeguarding specialist for a worker who is prepared at all times to cope with all kinds of risks so that the worker can keep you safe.

Safety Officer Course Outline

  1. What is Safety in the Workplace?
  2. Communicating Safety Effectively
  3. Hazard Recognition and Control Measures
  4. Fire Safety and Life Safety
  5. Electrical Safety, Machine Safeguard
  6. Hand & Portable Power Tools
  7. Material Handling, Compressed Gas Cylinders, Vehicular
  8. Safety
  9. Office Safety, Hazardous Materials
  10. Confined Space & Hot Work
  11. Excavation, Demolition & Explosives
  12. Elevated Working Surfaces
  13. Safety Inspections, Motivation
  14. Ergonomics , Accident Investigations
  15. Documenting Safety

Safety Officer Course Fee: 35000/-

5 Days a Week Class Daily 2 Hours Class Time

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Safety Officer course that is done in Islamabad  is a course that can help us get jobs in Dubai, Pakistan, and many countries.
Apart from this, there are many courses that are similar to Safety, IOSH, Get Safety office course Islamabad and Rawalpindi get 6th Road Rawalpindi in Learn online school

When a Safety Officer deploys a security officer as a company, its duty includes it to include the main power of the project such as accepts welders, pipe fitters, factories, scf folders, masonry, electronics, AC techniques, dotts Main, crane operator, rigger, labor and many technical people do not know about the safety at all.

Civil Construction Safety Office Course

During the course of course, during the course of the course, the Civil Settlement Safety, which has completed the entire construction project such as Multi Storage Building, Shopping Mall, Power Plant, Five Star Hotels, Hospitals, Tower, Airport, Metro Station, Flyover Safety Training. Goes so that they can perform their services as security officer on any connection project

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