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Peer Chanasi

Peer Chanasi (Muzaffarabad) tourist destination 2020

Pir Chinasi is a tourist destination located 30 kilometers east of Muzaffarabad city on the top of hills at an elevation of 2,900 metres. The mountain peak has gained large fame for its ziyarat of a famous saint, Pir Chinasi, known as Pir Sayed Hussain shah Bukhari. pir chinasi is a very popular placess in pakistan . peer chanasi distance from rawalpindi he adjacent Pir Asimar, phawna da Danna and the areas in the bottom of Pirchinassi, i.e. Saran, Sud Bun, Mushki, Sakki and Jarran phirran are also worth seeing and ideal for hiking, trekking and camping activities.

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