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MS office is a software which was first announced by Bill Gates on 1st August 1988 at CODEX IN Las Vegas. The first version of office contained MS word, MS EXCEL and MS PowerPoint. over the year’s office applications have grown at a high pace.MS office is a software which can help a person in any field of life. Your life would be at ease, if you know how to play around with MS office It is a very important skill for every person these days. It can help a person in creating a resume, toggling formulae and numbers, planning a project and creating a student and business presentation. The MS office course which will enable a person to get expertise in MS office. This skill will increase your productivity. If a person can register this course, then he can acquire the expertise in MS office in no time. If a person proves his skills he is assured a job guarantee. The course will cover word, excel, outlook and PowerPoint. After successfully completing the course, you can join the workforce as Project Manager, Financial analyst, Human resource executive, Help desk analyst, Executive assistant, Executive secretary, Administrative assistant. The skill of MS office work wonders in almost every fields. Eligibility for MS office course is matric, o levels and above. The duration of the course is 2 months. After completion of the course, the participants will be able to use the computer, including Internet services, will be able to type letters, develop reports, make presentations, and perform various other tasks for everyday home or office use. You can make your work easily with the help of MS office. Ms office Course in Rawalpindi

Ms Office Course Outline

  • Introduction of Microsoft Office 2018
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • In page
  • English Typing
  • Urdu Typing
  • Final Project

Ms Office Course Duration:  2 Months

Course Fee: 10,000/-

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ms office course

The MS office course includes the following. Microsoft Word: It includes the following Getting Started with Microsoft Word: Creatinga basic document, enter text, saving a new document, Preview document, Print document and Online Help Editing a document Insert text, select text, create an auto text entry, Move and copy text, Delete text, Undo changes, Find and replace text. Formatting Text: Apply font styles and effects, Change text colour, Highlight text and Bulleting text. Formatting Paragraphs: Set tabs to align text, Control paragraph layout, add borders and shading and Apply styles. Adding Table: Create a table, Modify the table structure, Format a table and Table toolbar. Header and Footer: Understanding header and footer, Creating / editing header and footer, Insert page number / text on header & footnote and endnote option menu, Creating / editing footnote and end note. Drawing Toolbar – Word Art: Use of Drawing toolbar, Use of auto shape, adding shadows and text to a shape, working with text box object, create word art and Advanced word art. Create Word Macros: What is a macro, create a macro, assign a macro to the keyboard and Delete your macro. Proofing a Document: Check spelling, grammar and word count and Customise auto correct options. Learn Online School .

Ms Office Course details

Microsoft Excel: It include Getting Started with MS Excel: Excel rows and columns, Workbook&worksheet, enter text and numbers in a cell, Edit text in a cell, Cell for matting, Font formatting, Merge cells and Save your work. Formulas and Functions: Entering formulas Copying data and formulas, Using Auto Sum, understanding functions, using simple aggregate functions (Sum, Count, Average, Min, Max) And Copying formulas. Editing Features: Using cut, copy, and paste operations, Using paste special with values, Selection techniques and Navigation techniques. Working with the Large Workbooks: Freezing and unfreezing panes, Splitting windows and Inserting page breaks for printing. Working with Charts: Creating charts using Chart Wizard, creating different types of charts, including titles and values in charts, Formatting of charts. Inserting Graphic Objects: Insert and modify pictures and clip art, Draw and modify shapes, illustrate workflow using Smart Art Graphics. Previewing and Printing: Previewing worksheets, Page setup, Printing of worksheets in multiple pages, repeating rows and columns for multiple pages, Printing multiple worksheets Simple Database Operation: Sorting tables, Filtering data with auto filter, referring data from other worksheets, Create hyperlinks. Analysing Data Using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts: Create a pivot table report and Analyze data using pivot charts. Microsoft PowerPoint: It includes the following: Getting Started Microsoft Office Toolbar, Quick Access Toolbar and Mini Toolbar. Creating a Presentation: New Presentation, save a Presentation, Add Slidesand Theme. Working with Content: Enter Text, Select Text, Copy and Paste, Cut and Paste, Undo/Redoand Spell Check. Formatting Text: Change Font Typeface and Size, Font Styles and Effects, Change Text Color, Word Art, Change Paragraph Alignment, Indent Paragraphs and Text Direction. Adding Content: Resize a Textbox, Bulleted and Numbered Lists, Nested Lists, Formatting Lists, Adding Video, Adding Audio. Graphics: Adding a Picture, Adding Clipart, Editing Picture and Clipart, Adding Shapes and Adding Smart Art. Tables: Create a Table, Enter Data in a Table, format a Table and Insert a Table from Word or Excel. Charts: Create a Chart, Edit Chart Data, modify a Chart, Chart Tools and Paste a Chart from Excel. Slide Effects: Slide Transitions, Slide Animation and Animation Preview. Printing: Print a Presentation and Package a Presentation. Internet& Microsoft Outlook: It includes the following. Introduction to Internet: Getting and Using an Email Account, getting an Email account, using an Email account: sending greeting cards and email to one another and Online Shopping, Chat and other services.MS Outlook: How to Set up a new Email account, how to Add Email Attachments, set up a Second Outlook Express Accountant a Signature to all outgoing emails. Practical Approach: The real-life examples will be given throughout the lectures. ms office course in islamabad

Ms office course syllabus

Today’s businesses make money and participate unsurpassed when they are at the acerbic edge of technology. Are you? If you don’t recognise the fundamentals of the business apps that help companies boom, you cannot reach your potential or help businesses reach theirs. The Microsoft Office Suite is used by 80 percent of firms.Microsoft is used by so countless businesses, the services you have working on the software are directly movable to new jobs and firms.Microsoft helps you operate more resourcefully so you can be more productive.MS office course is very high quality, and efficiently made. Microsoft Office training programs prepare you to take the Microsoft Office professional exams. These industry-recognised certifications are a huge boost to your resume and may mean the difference between securing employment and being turned down. Also, when employers see that you are certified, they are often more willing to consider a higher pay level (if possible) due to your skill sets. ms office training Rawalpindi

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