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Make Money Online in Pakistan (5 easy ways in 2019)

5 Ways to Earn Money Online| Fast & Easy

If you want to earn money online fast and easily, you have come the right place. The aim of this article to is to unleash the most potent ways of earning money online. Today, in this modern world of technology online market is becoming the center of attention for all individuals and businesses.
There are mainly 5 top ways of earning money online, i-e

Make Money Online in Pakistan
Make Money Online in Pakistan

Make Money Online fast & easy ways in 2019

  1. Freelancing
  2. Content Writing
  3. Google AdSense
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. YouTube

How to get Started: Essentials of Make money online in Pakistan

A lot of patience. Earning money online is easy but earning huge amount of money can be hard sometimes. Some months can be good, and some can be just fine.
You must be aware with computer and internet. If you don’t have the basic knowledge of operating Internet and Computer, you can’t have a stable source to earn money online.
Understanding of English at least at a basic level is quite important. To be proficient in the English language is a positive sign.
Hard Work and Consistency. As mentioned earlier to maintain the steady flow or revenue requires consistency and dedication to work, otherwise you will only get a piece of cake.
Freelancing means you are opting for self employment strategy. When you work as a freelancer, you address the requests of the buyers if at all it matches your acquired skills. Afterwards, you provide worthy and valuable services to the buyers in a specified time. Finally, you can get the payment of your services performed. It is the best source to earn money online because it you meet the people from all around the globe and the payment is made in Dollars that is of real worth. Freelancing is one of the most prominent and most potent strategies of generating revenue online. In fact, to earn money online with this technique is the most attractive one out of all. You can easily generate large revenue by applying your skills.

Make Money Online in Pakistan

Methods of making money here is quite easy. Anyone can understand and opt for this technique with the minimal experience. You simply have to register yourselves with third party (website). This is where buyers and sellers can interact frequently. It is a very diverse place where people from all around the globe can demonstrate their precious skills and fulfill the need of the buyer.
How to earn money online through freelancing
Earning money online is very systematic process as a freelancer. You need to go through series of steps i-e
Firstly, buyer puts a demand/request in the site portal
Then he specifies the requirements
Thirdly, he put forward the bid request to the sellers, so that he can choose the best possible option according to the expected rate and the best service provider.
Now here starts the role of the Sellers
The seller on the other hand searches for the most relevant demand/request
After detailed search the seller finalizes a best match of request and addresses it
Afterwards, seller sets a bid rate that he feels is the most adequate payment for his services
If your profile (as a seller) is strong (fully equipped with mastery skills and previous successful projects) and the quoted bid rate is matches the expectation of the buyer, he (the buyer) will definitely select you for performing the specific job/task
In addition to it, all the terms and conditions of mutual work, time and payment terms are specified in between both the parties’ i-e Buyers at this stage precisely specifies a cutoff date and time for performing the job.
Lastly, if you are able to complete the task in time, it fulfills the buyer needs and he is satisfied after reviewing it, he will take no time and make the pre determined payment
It is at the will of the both parties that what mode of payment must be used site portal, online banking or pay pal etc. Most of the modes of payments that are used are secure and there are minimal chances of fraud.
The aforementioned process is the most generic way to earn money online through freelancing. Anybody with hands full of skills in any field i-e Graphic designing, SEO, Content writing, data entry, web designing, web development, accounting, audit and many more, can easily earn money online through freelancing.

Content Writing

After freelancing, Content writing is another attractive way of earning money online. If you know how to write, then this is the best option for you to earn money online through this luring source. “Content Is the King”. Content writing online is appealing for many people who want to work from home, set their own hours, and avoid a grinding commute to work every day. It is tough to break into this market. However, it is not impossible, you simply have to work hard with full zeal and zest and you will definitely make some reputation with time.make money online without investment

To be more profound, there are several techniques of earning money through content writing. Some of them are;

Publish an eBook

This is one of the ways to make money online in pakistan  by content writing. You can simply publish and eBook on any topic that is popular in the modern world. The condition of success in this technique entirely depends on the relevancy of material added in that eBook. If you genuinely write a good content, which genuinely helps the readers in getting understanding of the topic, then you can make sure that this eBook will be a big hit and success.

All you have to do is to write the content and then publish it over some ecommerce or other book sites site as a product. Afterwards, you got to give it a push and back it over by marketing it on other online portals. As the product gets famous and gains popularity, people will start purchasing it through those online portals. As the customers start buying it ultimately means that you can earn money online.

Sites that Pay you to Write Articles

Another way to earn money online is by writing for the specific sites that pay you for writing. There are lots of websites are working in this industry. Their motive is to seek such skillful writers that are gifted with the art of writing. What they do is pay you if the writing is according to their standards.
Basically, all these websites have a diverse form of audience in their customer profile. All these people are regular readers of their blogs or posts. In addition to it, they
Start earning with Affiliate Marketing

The third, and foremost important way to earn money online by typing is to start affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a process of rendering services to third party products and services. It is done by promoting their product/service to your blog audience.

If you are a regular blogger or writer, it will really serve as a positive sign for your online monetization journey. All you must do is pick a product/service of a third party, say Amazon. Amazon also gives an opportunity of earning through affiliate marketing. You, by will select a product and start marketing it to the online world. All you have to do is start writing about it, posting about it and making it famous among your audience. Once the Amazon realizes your potential marketing services, a stream of online money transfers, starts.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense as a revenue generation tool
One of the most reliable sources to earn money online is the Google AdSense. The best part about it is the authenticity of paying organization. It is a two-way benefiting tool i-e for YOU and as well as for


How to make money online for free

In this part we are going to unleash they best possible way i-e How to earn money online with Google. First of all, you simply start off with your own hosted website using any of the sources e-g WordPress. That so-called website will serve as the basic source of earning for you. Therefore, the site must include all possible feature and aesthetics that lure in more and more amount of traffic. And, it is only possible if designing and development of the website is in extraordinary manner and according to the current and

modern standards of development.

Once the website gets stabilized and it becomes a people’s favorite hub then it ready to get registered with Google AdSense. What happens is that once a huge amount of traffic starts flowing towards your website, you get eligible for Google AdSense. Once the AdSense approves that you fulfill their criteria they start permission to you for posting third party ads on your website. And once the ads are live on your site, it simply means you are going to generate a stream of revenue through it. It happens simply, when the viewers of your site click the ads. And according to those clicks, impressions and visits Google pays you amount in Dollars ($).

Currently there are numerous examples of sites that are generating hundreds, thousands and millions of Dollars through Google AdSense. make money online without investment

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another, but potential way to earn money online is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As the name suggests, this technique entails methods to optimize your web content (blog, post, page or video) into the search engine. Basically, the content is made potent enough through multiple tactics that is worthy to the search engines i-e Google, Bing or Yahoo.make money online fast

If you are one of those SEO experts, then this is a great opportunity to earn money online through this technique. In this method you can also earn money online without investment. You just need to have hands on skills and a creative thinking. All it takes to use this source as a revenue generation tool is to follow the instructions i-e

SEO as Online Money Earning Tool

There are multiple ways of utilizing SEO for monetization online.
One of them is to Make your Own Site for luring relevant customers. You can setup a website where you can offer SEO services to your worthy clients. Once you get a customer, and the services you render are in accordance to his/her requirements than make sure that the customer will become a loyal asset. Through this you can easily generate a stream of revenue online.

Another technique is to render your services through freelancing. As mentioned above in the freelancing section, you simply must get access to the mutual portal for buyers and sellers. Afterwards, you can upgrade your profile as an SEO expert by adding multiple experiences through which a buyer can shortlist you as his/her service provider. All you have to do is make a bid for the services you ought to provide and the rest is the task on the buyer’s end. This is also another technique to use SEO as an online monetization source. Additionally, you can generate huge amounts through this

YOUTUBE (Your channel as a source of Online MONEY)

youtube monetization

In addition to all aforementioned techniques, YouTube is also one of the most potential techniques to earn money online. It is one of those resources in which you can earn up to millions of dollars $. In fact, lot of YouTube channels are using it as a source to earn huge sums of money online.
If you also want to use YouTube as the source to earn money online, follow these instructions;

Sign up to YouTube

Then set up a channel (with a unique name)

Decide what the channel is about and what kind of videos or content you are going to post over it
Once the channel is in operative condition, post as much relevant videos as much you can
Make sure the content posted is worthy and useful for the viewers
Then use multiple methods to make the channel popular

Once you are able to lure in huge traffic to your channel, you can apply for the ads posting
If the authorities approve your channel as a potential one, they will give you access for ad posting
Once the ads are live on the channel, it means a steady stream of revenue will start flowing from it
The amount of money depends on the interest the viewers take in your video content
The more they stick and watch it i-e (either they watch the full video, half time, or eventually exit as soon as the video starts) the more will be the source to make money online fast Visit our website

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