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Korean Language Course

Korean Language Course in Rawalpindi ( OEC Work Visa )

Pk Institute Offer a Korean Language Course in Rawalpindi at 6th Road ( main Murree Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. pk institute offer this course about 17 year old get start a Korean language classes at start now . This course start with Basic KLT Book around 30 days with written by Mian abid . Next level about HRD Syllables start with Part 1 and Part 2 Books with 2 Months complete Course. at Training with Korean language TEST Training program. Korean language course in Rawalpindi

Korean Language Course

Korean Language with Work Permit at 5 Year

Korean Language Test Progress

  1. Lean a Korean Language Course
  2. Apply for Registration at OEC
  3. Get 80/200 Passing Mark
  4. Medical Fit
  5. Get Visa Process
  6. Korean language course in Pakistan


Learn Korean Language Course in Rawalpindi

Korean Language Course Outline

  • introduction of Korean Language Course
  • Vacablery
  • Tens
  • HRD Book

2 Months Course Duration Korean Language

5 Days a Week Class Daily 2 Hours Class Time

Korean Language Course Rawalpindi for more information Call Now: 0311-5559404

This course with learn a language of South Korea get work visa in all over the 15 country of the world get must be learn a Korean language get Korean government employment system to every year vacancy open to Korean Factory worker with Pakistan get our institute pk is the top of the list at Korean language center in Rawalpindi. Korean language course online

Korean language course Test Training Center

We offer the Korean language course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad. The Korean language is most important if you are interested to visit the Korea or you want to get the five years work permit of Korea. The Korean people don’t know about any other language they speak only the Korean language so, if you want to visit the Korea then you must learn the Korean language. The pk institute offer the Korean language course which have the qualified and experienced instructor for Korean language. The South Korean was established on August 15, 1948 Which have many industries and have many big companies the people of Korean are very hard worker so, the south Korea is a developed and best country. Korean language classes near me

Korea was partitioned in 1945 after the world war 2. The South Korea required many workers from other different countries in every years provided the work visa in different countries and the requirement is not hard you can get Korean work visa after learn Korean language. For this work permit many peoples learn the Korean language and get five years work permit. For this purpose our institute offer the Korean language course with practical training of klt. In this institute you can learn Korean language with the best instructor Man Abid who is the qualified teacher and he teach the Korean language over the ten years he live 8 years in South Korea as a translator so, He is the best instructor for Korean language course. In our institute you can learn the basic Korean language and after the basic language we teach the syllabus of KLT test the duration of Korean language course is 2 or three months. If you want to learn Korean language then you can contact us or visit our website for more information.We guide our students about the klt and and all procedure of registration, test, skill test and interview etc. Korean language course in urdu, Korean language course book download

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