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AutoCAD Tutorial in Urdu
AutoCAD Tutorial in Urdu

AutoCAD Tutorial in Urdu ( Get 2D & 3D Training (2019)

Autocad is Commercial Software. Design by AutoDesk. AutoCAD Tutorial in Urdu which creating by 2d and 3D Designing software . The First Version was released in 1982 which ren on micro computers. AutoCAD is in the market 30th generation. its powerful Desktop application. We Lean that Step by Step Video Learning course , to make by AutoCAD Tutorial in Urdu 2019.

AutoCAD Tutorial in Urdu
AutoCAD Tutorial in Urdu

The AutoCAD Tutorial Training in Urdu.

this Autocad Course about AutoCAD Urdu Language Tutorial use of interface of the software (AutoCAD) after Basic and Advanced level AutoCAD Tutorial in Urdu Language.

A completely free AutoCAD tutorial series  in urdu containing approximately 100 video  covering AutoCAD 2D as well as 3D topics taught with 2018 version.  this course include 2D and 3D practice drawings and AutoCAD quizzes at the end of each section.

AutoCAD Tutorial in Urdu 2019

AutoCad is one off the most powerful Design software it providing a professional and unique drafting tolls that can be used on Civil engineering and mechanical engineering software . this tutorial is basic and beginners level training at AutoCAD learning.

What is AutoCAD? Create an AutoDesk

AutoCAD is a (computer Aided Design) Software is design buy AutoDESK Company it is very professional Software which can use of professional 2d and 3d work. this software is made of 3D Designer if you want to get CAD is General Software Good News You can Get all of Auodesk product for Free about Students. get 3 Months Trail for Free.

AutoCAD Tutorial by Step by Step Video Learning program at home . get learn a YouTube Video Serial by Part 1 to Part 20 full and complete Training program of professional Civil Training with 2D , 3D , Front Elevation, Section , Foundation , with all command of AutoCad with live piratical project based training tutorial of AutoCAD Software .

AutoCAD Commands

  • Draw Line
  • Selection & Zoomin
  • Units
  • Draw Line Angle
  • Line X axis & Y axis
  • Polar and Osnap Sett
  • Xline or Construction
  • Polyline
  • Polygon
  • Rectangle
  • Arc and Circle
  • Make block, insert B
  • Points
  • Hatch
  • Region & Boundary
  • Multiline text
  • Erase
  • Copy
  • Mirror Command
  • Offset command
  • Rectangular arrays
  • Move command
  • Rotate command
  • Scale command
  • Trim & Extend
  • Break & Break at Poi
  • Chamfer command
  • Filter command
  • Join & Explode …
  • Plotting
  • Layers
  • Property
  • Match Property
  • Quick select
  • What is 3D
  • 3D Rev-surf
  • Tab-surf 3D
  • 3D face
  • Creating Faisal Masjid
  • Ruled surface 3D
  • Edge surface 3D
  • Surface & Solid
  • 3D extrude
  • Subtract 3D
  • Union 3D
  • 3D wall
  • 3D place
  • Window & Door
  • 3D railing
  • 3D floor
  • Steps
  • 3D round stairs
  • 3D Stair
  • 3D door
  • 3D slice
  • 3D with Elevation
  • 3D with Elevation 2
  • Align

with all command with Practical in AutoCAD Tutorial in urdu

Autocad Course Structure and outline

in this Autocad Course will first learn a Autocad to understand the interface of Autocad software basic and advanced level training tool in autocad will also create a live project in this autocad Tutorial in urdu. This project will be based on 2d and 3d design in autocad at the end of this course you will be able to work in autocad . we want to learn this autocad software .

Free AutoCAD Video Tutorial Series in urdu 2019

A Complete free AutoCAD Tutorial Series get step by step 70 Video Part 1 to Part 70 get autoCAD 2D and 3D Topics cover with includes 2D & 3D practice drawings with learn AutoCAD.

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