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AutoCAD Mechanical Course Rawalpindi – 2D – 3D Drawing

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. AutoCAD Mechanical Course in Rawalpindi .As the name suggests, it is currently the best available tool for making engineering and construction designs. It is used through another medium i-e Computer. With the help of the computer AutoCAD is installed on the computer that helps in making extraordinary 2D and 3D designs.

AutoCAD Mechanical Course
AutoCAD Mechanical Course

What is AutoCAD Mechanical?

The AutoCAD Mechanical toolset adds a library of standards-based parts and tools to help you create, modify, and document mechanical designs for manufacturing. Automated mechanical engineering tasks such as generation of machine components, creation of bill of materials and dimensioning.

AutoCAD Mechanical Course is the best option for starting your career or to give a boost in Mechanical field. This AutoCAD mechanical course covers the basics of its mechanical user interface and step-by-step leads you to the advanced level of producing precise, standard mechanical engineering drawings and designs.

AutoCad Mechanical Course Outline

  • Introduction of AutoCAD Mechanical
  • 2D
  • 3D
  • 2d Drawing
  • 3d Drawing

Flexible Training Options

Course Duration: One Month Course
Classes: Five Days a week (No sat/sun excluded)
Timings: 09:00 am to 06:00 pm (Students can choose the best available option   for themselves)

AutoCAD Mechanical Course Rawalpindi for more information Call Now: 0311-5559404

Anybody who seeks opportunity to start a powerful career in mechanical fields can definitely opt for this AutoCAD mechanical course. People who are already pursuing their careers in these fields can use it as a catalyst and acquire additional grip in the respective fields. It only requires dire motivation and an urge to learn. Our industry experts have a hand full of skills over this tool. Their only mission is to inculcate the entire working mechanism and advanced level techniques into anyone who opts for AutoCAD Mechanical course.

Unlike other technical courses AutoCAD Mechanical course is a very vast field with a high potential and scope. It is a powerful tool for designing complex drawings that engineers have to make for the better control and management. autocad training course

Become a Professional with AutoCAD Mechanical Course Rawalpindi (2018)

Our institute of training solely believes that; “Knowledge is not power, In fact Knowledge Sharing is Power”.

Therefore, our main aim and focus is to groom the bests of the best in this AutoCAD Mechanical course duration. To be more precise, in this course, instructors introduce CAD techniques for mechanical drafting, building on the skills learned in the beginning CAD course. Mechanical CAD students are able to create detailed engineering designs using CAD tools. Our AutoCAD mechanical course teaches the key commands and techniques for professional 2D and 3D mechanical designs and drafting, using CAD tools. Our training of AutoCAD can be tailored to take into account any existing know how you have, and the work you are going to do in AutoCAD mechanical.

Key Details

AutoCAD Mechanical Tutorial| Professional 2D & 3D Mechanical Design

In the starting you are going to learn about the CAD mechanical essentials i-e you are going to get acquainted with the key commands and techniques for professional 2D and 3D mechanical design and drafting using AutoCAD mechanical. Our top industrial experts and professionals that are pursuing their career in these fields from last a decade, are going to give you a hands on experience and practical training about CAD.

Unlike other institutes our trainers have adopted unconventional methodology of teaching i-e Firstly, they are going to unleash some theory and then step-by-step demonstrate multiple techniques. Furthermore, you are going to practice it on the computer software and multiple sample tasks will be assigned to you for completion and training proposes.

What you will Gain?


After the successful completion of the AutoCAD Mechanical course you are going to gain a lot. Most importantly, you are going get a hand full of skills for a life time. You can use it whenever required and wherever required. This skill is going to help you in all walks of life, as it is a universally recognized tool for mechanical designing.

Plus, after the successful completion of the AutoCAD mechanical tutorial all the course delegates receive a Certificate of completion and appreciation that is also acceptable all over Pakistan, as a proof. In addition to it, authorities also believe in corporate social responsibility (CSR), that is why they also provide an option of Post training Support i-e all the course delegates are entitled to after course support program in which they are given moral and technical assistance for helping them to advance in their career path.

Who can take AutoCAD Mechanical Course?

Anybody who is interested in taking this AutoCAD training must be;

  • Familiar with the fundamentals of AutoCAD, i-e have attended CAD essentials training for this advanced mechanical training course/certification.
  • The other that is a must for AutoCAD mechanical course is the ultimate motivation and urge to learning. As it is the advanced level of learning, therefore requires next level of commitment.

Outline of AutoCAD Training Course

Our method of AutoCAD mechanical course training is designed for busy professionals. Special practical exercises are carried out under strict guidance that helps the course delegates learn in a more effective way. The students can freely ask queries and the management feel the responsibility of fulfilling their needs for better learning.

Our AutoCAD course includes:

  • AutoCAD Mechanical Design Topics (Interacting with the user interface)
  • User Interface (Understanding the common drawing setup of the tools and get familiar with all the gadgets)
  • Workflows for Organizing & Creating Drawing Geometry (Structuring of data in drawings and reusing and editing structured data)
  • Understanding Tools for Creating Key Geometry (You are going to get familiar with the major design tools, how to design with the lines, how to take power snaps, understanding center and construction lines, plus adding standard feature data for holes and slots)
  • Know the tools for manipulating Geometry ( You will know which tools are used for editing, how to give power commands, and Associative hide)
  • What are Mechanical part generators (What are standard parts, chain/belt, shaft generator, Springs and standard shaft parts)
  • Familiarity with Drawing Sheets (How the drawing sheets are created in a model space and different layouts of model space, Annotations views when using structure, Title blocks and drawing borders)
  • Bill of Materials, part lists and Balloons ( In this phase of learning you are going to get acquainted with Part references, Bill of materials, How to insert parts lists and what are ballooning parts)
  • Designing Calculations (This is one of the most important part of your AutoCAD mechanical course, in which you are going to know the basics and advances of designing calculations in AutoCAD mechanical.
  • Leveraging Existing Data (The high tech AutoCAD mechanical also allows you to leverage existing data using multiple ways i-e in this phase of learning experts will teach you how to use Library, DWG™, IGES files and Inventor Link to leverage existing for further usage.
  • Know the Mechanical options for CAD Manager (Last but not the least, the mentors will inculcate the advanced mechanical options for CAD manager i-e How to utilize Standard based designs in AutoCAD mechanical course, Configuration of the layer, Text and Symbol properties, how to configure the annotation tools and finally you will also get to know, how to configure the component properties, BOM , Parts lists and Balloons)

Course Objectives

The aim of our AutoCAD Mechanical course is to lend substantial benefits for the students who are involved in mechanical cad design. In addition to it, these powerful features of drafting in this tool are also applicable in many other industries also.

This AutoCAD training will help students in product designing, designing of engineering ideas, and to transform their ideas into potential CAD models, and utilizing top industrial practices & to validate their models using professional tools and design for manufacturing. Thus it takes the participants through the entire lifecycle of the product from conception to execution.

To inculcate the professionalism of using this software that will allow you as designers and technicians for the creation of detailed 3D digital models of the work with complete information regarding dimensions, materials, and functionality of moving parts.

AutoCAD Mechanical Course in Rawalpindi/Islamabad for more information Call Now: 0311-5559404

Benefits of taking this AutoCAD Mechanical Course (Scope and Potential)

If you opt for AutoCAD mechanical training course, this is ultimately going to benefit you in multiple ways. This is because the scope of this course is quite vast and its applications are renowned worldwide. It is acceptable all around the world. Almost every industry directly or indirectly linked with the mechanics, require the extraordinary set of skills for using AutoCAD mechanical.

Acquiring these professional skills through our popular AutoCAD mechanical course, this will definitely help you advance in your career, it will also increase the job prospects, plus it will also work as catalyst if you are already working in the mechanics. The best part is it does not require a heavy scheme of studies or some high professional education or diplomas. Anybody familiar with the basics of CAD and the advanced version of AutoCAD mechanical is of high value and can easily be employed in multinational companies. Currently the experts of this tool are enjoying high benefits and perks in their respective industries.

In addition to it, you can also use the set of skills learned in professional AutoCAD mechanical course for the expansion of your own business if you are working in a mechanical industry or if you are an entrepreneur.

Role in the Industry

Mechanical engineers who have CAD skills are employed in manufacturing industries including automobiles, aeronautical, engineering, heavy industries, locomotives, and marine. The importance of learning CAD tools is so much that all of the mentioned jobs and lot others requires it. All these jobs are performed with this advance CAD software which guarantees accuracy, speed, and reuse of work. With the acquiring of these extraordinary AutoCAD skill mechanical students can easily find employment opportunities and increase their productivity.

On the completion of this training, course delegates are specifically eligible for the jobs of Engineer, Analyst, Draftsman, Product Engineer and Product Designer.


Our institute Learn Online School is a renowned platform for the learning purposes. We offer a wide variety of market competitive courses for excessive learning and grooming the professionals of the industry. Our aim of offering this CAD course is to make AutoCAD mechanical student. Such students that are potent enough for making a difference in the entire industry.

All the courses that we offer are mentored by the experts that are working in this field since decades. They assure the right delivery of all the course contents i-e best tools and techniques. Our unconventional way of teaching is a successful method that ensures that all the course delegates become professional in their mechanical fields. There are flexible options of learning i-e timings, medium of learning and post course supports.

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