Air Ticketing Course in Rawalpindi – Practical Training

Air ticketing course help the new comers in understanding the travelling and tourism industry. This course give an all round introduction of tourism industry. It covers different aspects like telephone etiquettes, sale of customer services, personal developmental skills and techniques of an interview. This course develops in the skill of learners. The learners are able to understand quote fares, issue travel documentation and many more. Many people might be amazed to know that Travel and Tourism is the world’s largest overseas exchange earner among industries and it generates millions of employment opportunities worldwide and all around the Pakistan more than any other industry. The air ticketing course is for the travel expert with central knowledge and skills in air journey pricing and ticketing who wants to be familiar as the company or office expert. There are excellent career prospects in Air Ticketing Course in Pakistan and foreign countries. air ticketing course in Islamabad

Objective of air ticketing course

The main objective of this course is that it gives the contributor a strong ready for action edge to start a successful career in the Travel & Tourism Industry. Anyone can attend this course mostly inter and A level or above will easily attend this course. This air ticketing courses provide beginner to advanced training on global distribution systems and other fare calculation measures. Air ticketing course teaches the skills and knowledge necessary to advertise, sell, make and manage flight, hotel and car reservations in a new way.

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Air Ticketing Course Includes

The air ticketing course includes travel adviser skills and basic GDS skill, airline computerised reservation system, domestic and international air ticketing, domestic and international charge construction ,outlines of manual and computerised reservation, telephone manners ,computer reservation CRS (computer reservation system, international passenger handling ,behavior development, communication skills development and many more.

Timing for Air Ticketing Course Rawalpindi

The classes of this course are in morning and in evening. The duration of air ticketing course is 1 month. The classes are 5 days a weeks

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Make your bright future select your career in the field of air ticketing by attending the classes of this course. There are no constraint anyone can take the training but anyone who want to upgrade their skill can attend this course. Now a day there are deficiency of air ticketing expert so we must recommend all that you should attend classes of air ticketing course in Pakistan. The demands of the person who attend this course in market are very high so this is a vast field for you. For all this above given reasons attending air ticketing course as a career is the best option available. So this is the hot time to attend air ticketing course in Pakistan and get your dreams come true of a happy professional life. This air ticketing course is best for those who want to excel in this field .all knowledge and skill required for travel industry is included in this course. You can attend class without any hesitation. If you want any kind of information you can contact on our number .our team member will sort out your quires. This course will help you in making you a successful travel agent. After this course you are able for making travel arrangements: airlines, cars, hotels, cruises & tours. free online air ticketing course

What is air ticketing?

Basically it is a document which is issued by airline or it can be issued by travel agency, ti make a confirmation that a person has purchased a seat or an aircraft or purchase a ticket on a flight. At the airport this document is used to obtain a boarding pass. Along with the boarding pass and the attached ticket, the traveler is permissible to enter the airplane. There are two types of airline tickets one is the older style with coupons now referred to as a paper ticket. And the now more familiar electronic ticket frequently referred to as an e-ticket. the airline’s 3 digit code at the start of the number contain the airline which issue it, the name of passengers and the number of ticket. Unless the ticket is open it also indicates flight for which this ticket is valid. There is a allowance which is known as baggage allowance although it is not always noticeable on a printout but recorded electronically for the airline. Price it is also always visible on a printout but it is also recorded electronically for the airline. Next is a tax which is not always observable on a printout but recorded electronically for the airline. The “Fare Basis”, an alpha or alpha-numeric code that identifies the fee. Limitations on changes and refunds is not always shown in detail, but referred to. Dates that the ticket is legal for. Structure of payment it include the details of how the ticket was compensated for, which will in turn influence how it would be refunded. The Rate of trade used to analyze any worldwide parts of the ticket and tax.

Air ticketing course in Rawalpindi , Islamabad Pakistan

Air ticketing course in Pakistan offer in the morning and in evening shift. It’s up to you which time suit you. This course includes introduction air ticketing ,how to use the software, GDS format ,governing carrier/fare selection criteria, currency rounding rules, class of service codes, fare basis codes, the three general limitations on indirect travel, global indicator, journey worldwide indicators, lata areas. Lata fare formula, minimum ticket rule checks, expressive table for linear fare calculation, fare determination flow chart, fare construction worksheet, world map, regional maps, analyzing itineraries and many more.


To conclude we can say that there is unemployment in under developing country like Pakistan. Many educated young generation are in search of job but they are not able to get job because there is shortage of jobs or at some seats there is a need of reference. Without reference they are not able to get jobs. In such case the best choice is air ticketing course. It I the only industry which is growing day by day. air ticketing course in rawalpindi

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