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PHP Tutorial in urdu( Learn Complete PHP)

In this course php you will be taught this language with live example. This PHP Tutorial in Urdu is beneficial for those who have studied the first HTML and css and know how to create a full web site, so you can learn the php language well. PHP Tutorial in Urdu Language Step by Step In this PHP Tutorial in Urdu, you will be taught the basic php commands in the first step, while in the next step you have a small project with a php and my sql server. With the help of the Basic Level ...

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Safety Officer Course

Safety Officer Course in Islamabad ( Health & Safety Diploma)

The Safety Officer Course in Islamabad aims to provide guidance to people and those who belong to this field are also given certain types of duties as well as duties and responsibilities. Health & Safety HSE ( Courses) Inside this Safety Officer Course in Islamabad it is said that which steps you have to do with the health and safety of workers, and what are your responsibilities as per the law The Safety Officer's responsibility is to be a special health and safeguarding specialist ...

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3D Studio Max Tutorials in Urdu

3D Studio Max Tutorials in Urdu ( Complete Course 2019)

3D Studio Max Tutorials in Urdu. 3D Studio Max Software Auto desk Company has Designed Autodesk 3D Studio Max This is a most used 3D computer by Graphics and Animation and Modeling & Rendering and Game Designing by Auto desk Company. Within this software you can also use third-party plugins such as v ray 3.0. 3d studio max is a software that you can also work for architectural and mechanical. 3D Studio Max Tutorials in Urdu 2019 3D Studio Max Tutorials in Urdu Step by Step Our goal is ...

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